• Service Terminal (ST03A)


Service Terminal (ST03A)

Service Terminal (ST03A) is a railway brake system diagnostic and maintenance software.

Measurement window

ST03A is designed for Microsoft Windows platforms and supports all ESRA brake systems. The software is able to communicate with ESRA electronics via Ethernet, RS-232 or CAN connection.

Service Terminal is a general tool which has to be customized for a specific railway project via the project file. Knorr-Bremse always delivers the project files (*.prj, *.project, *.prz) directly to the customer, so the project files are not published on this Internet site.

Main features:

Project Information window

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • Can be used for every ESRA project.
  • ESRA software update and installation.
  • ESRA I/O channel access.
  • ESRA event memory and event history access.
  • ESRA process data support.
  • ESRA application request support.
  • ESRA real time clock support.
  • ESRA measurements supported.
  • ESRA data logger support.
Research and Development Electronics for Rail Vehicle Systems

Service Terminal Hotline

We are looking forward to helping you.

Tel.: + 36 1 28 94 500
Fax: + 36 1 28 94 504
E-mail: English Hungarian


October 30, 2020
ST03A V3.10.03 is released

April 24, 2020
ST03A V3.10.02 is released

October 2, 2019
ST03A V3.10.01 is released

July 2, 2019
ST03A V3.10.00 is released

April 26, 2019
ST03A V3.9.02 is released

March 8, 2019
ST03A V3.9.01 is released

December 19, 2018
ST03A V3.9.00 is released

March 19, 2018
ST03A V3.8.01 is released

September 29, 2017
ST03A V3.7.32 is released

September 20, 2016
ST03A V3.7.31 is released

February 8, 2016
ST03A V3.7.18 is released

August 31, 2015
ST03A V3.7.14 is released

June 19, 2015
ST03A V3.7.13 is released

February 6, 2015
ST03A V3.6.47 is released

June 27, 2014
ST03A V3.6.43 is released

May 6, 2014
ST03A V3.6.37 is released

July 24, 2013
ST03A V3.5.45 is released

June 14, 2013
ST03A V3.4.31 is released

November 7, 2011
ST03A V3.3.45 is released

April 18, 2011
ST03A V3.2.13 is released

February 11, 2011
ST03A V3.1.24 is released

October 11, 2010
ST03A V3.0.72 is released

December 5, 2008
ST03A V2.7.34 is released

November 6, 2007
ST03A V2.6.14 is released

November 6, 2007
Free upgrade to OEM access level

Knorr-Bremse Service Terminal - Project Information window 

Knorr-Bremse Service Terminal - Measurement window