Depending on the contract between the customer and Knorr-Bremse the customer is allowed to install and use a predefined number of ST03A copies. This number is the number of licenses.

With the exception of special cases , each ST03A license is identified by a serial number (ID or license ID). The ID can be ordered through Knorr-Bremse SAP system, and is delivered to the customer on the label placed on the cover of the official ST03A CD.

ST03A has different access levels to support different user groups. Whenever Operator or OEM access level is needed, the customer has to register his/her ST03A installation to activate the access level provided by the license. The license ID must be entered into the request form (Tools / Licensing / Request...), otherwise the registration will be rejected.

According to the current regulations one license ID can be used for a single ST03A installation. This means that you have to use a new ID if you install your ST03A onto a new computer and want to register that installation. There are only two exceptions: one is revoking the license in order to move it to another computer, the other is the installation of free upgrades .

License number (ID)

The license number (ID) can be found :

  • on the CD with ST03A software on the paper stick placed on the CD cover between the hash marks (#) under the barcode: STN...-ED#here_is_the_ID#,
  • and on the delivery note sent together with the CD.