Service Terminal (ST03A) V3.0.72

Here you can find a quick overview of the new features of Service Terminal V3.0.72 (released on October 11, 2010) since ST03A V2.7.34 .


  • Online registration over the Internet.
  • Maintenance version-independent registration.


  • GTM (Generic Text-based Measurement) file import and visualization.
  • Customizable configuration (channel selection).
  • More variables can be measured at once by measuring directly from CAN.
  • Default PT1 factor for SU06A channels.


  • Download all (MB) data logs with one action.
  • Alternative I/O channel reading in case of none-complete project.
  • Redesigned I/O channel and Process data filtering in USER group.

Supported languages

  • English, French, Hungarian, German, Polish and Russian


ST03A V3.0.72 installation package
[ZIP, 247.2 MB]
EULA (End-User License Agreement) for ST03A V3.0 to V3.4
[ZIP, 23.9 KB]
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