Service Terminal (ST03A) V3.10.02

Here you can find an overview of the new features of Service Terminal V3.10.02 (released on April 24, 2020) since ST03A V3.10.01 .

Main corrections

  • The previous ST03A versions could not activate a downloaded Data Log Configuration on a newly formatted CF card. This bug has been fixed in V3.10.02.
  • The default file types in Open file and Save file dialogs became more convenient. If the user has already opened / saved a file by using the file dialog, the most recently used file type is offered, otherwise in the Open file dialogs all possible file types are offered; in the Save file dialogs the most recent file format is offered.
  • In previous ST03A versions the Unit Information could not make difference between some EB boards due to incorrect comparison of STN numbers. This comparison has been improved in V3.10.02.
  • Conversion of old data log file formats (DCC, DLG) to and from new file formats (EDC, EDLG) has been improved. In previous versions some converted files could not be used in old ST03A versions or the logged data was incorrectly displayed. These bugs have been fixed in V3.10.02.
  • Some Measurement bugs including incorrect DCU sample timestamp handling, global expressions evaluation failure and connection handling issues have been fixed.

Supported languages

  • English, French, Hungarian, German, Polish and Russian


This revision is obsolete / no longer supported.
Please install and use revision V3.10.06 instead.

Service Terminal (ST03A) V3.10