Sometimes it is necessary to move a license from one computer to another. The license revoking mechanism makes it possible to permanently remove a license from a PC in order to use the same license ID for registration of Service Terminal installation with a new hardware.

This feature is only supported by Service Terminal V2.5.19 and newer versions. Note that the revoked license key cannot be reactivated on that computer any more.

To revoke the license:

  • Start ST03A uninstaller.
  • On the Welcome panel: click Next.
  • Read the important information on the License revoking panel.
  • Select the Revoke license key checkbox to deactivate your license.
  • Click Next to continue the uninstalling.
  • Read the information on the summary panel.
  • Send the removed license keys file (*.kbu) to the Hotline Service Terminal via e-mail .
  • After revoking the Hotline will accept a new registration with the same license ID .