Service Terminal (ST03A) V2.6.14

Here you can find a quick overview of the new features of Service Terminal V2.6.14 (released on November 6, 2007) over ST03A V2.5.19 .

New features

  • Support of different drawing modes in offline mode for more sophisticated measured data display and printing (Samples only, Sample and hold interpolation, Sample and hold interpolation with samples, Linear interpolation, Linear interpolation with samples).
  • The Save dialog window of the measurement feature supports the ASCII export of measured data into CSV format, so it is not necessary to use the Snapshot feature for this purpose.
  • Measurement works with more accurate timestamps and more reliable data transmission so reliable WSP measurements are possible.
  • The Software installation sets automatically the correct node number selection mode of CB09A boards according to the currently opened project.
  • ST03A shows the STN number of the project in the Open project dialog and the Project information table.
  • The Requests function shows a Please wait dialog at start up while it reads the default values of the request parameters.
  • The connected SU06A does not allow Windows to go to standby mode.
  • ST03A contains Windows XP and 2000 support for SU06A.
  • BCU information checks the boards of the project at first, which results in better performance.

Major bug fixes

  • The COM port of SU06A cannot be selected for communication with ESRA.
  • The Internal error function reads errors from only those boards of the project which have BSW2GEN application.
  • Corrected measurement trigger sending in case of HCM device.

Known problems

Supported languages

  • English, German, French, Chinese


ST03A V2.6.14 installation package
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End-user license agreement (EULA) for ST03A V2.4 to V2.6
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