You should read this information only if you use ST03A V3.8.01 or higher.

Board configuration check searches for boards to be replaced (services affected: Unit Information and Software Installation).

The check is based on the board configuration check database, described in the Retrofit.db file. This file is versioned and can be updated on your PC:

  • manually (it is the only possibility for ST03A versions from V3.8.01 to V3.10.05 ),
  • online (for ST03A versions above V3.10.05).


[DB, 19.5 KB]

Manual update

Note: In August 2021, the automatic board configuration update stopped to work in ST03A versions from V3.8.01 to V3.10.05 due to file access change. Since then for these versions the update of Retrofit.db can be made only manually.

To update the database manually, please follow the steps below:

  • Download Retrofit.db from this page.
  • Start ST03A.
  • Select the Tools / Options… menu item.
  • Select the Board Configuration Check option.
  • Press Browse and select the downloaded Retrofit.db file. ■

Online update (for ST03A versions higher than V3.10.05)

An online update is performed by ST03A automatically once a day when the program is first started. ST03A searches for a new version of the database available for download, and updates the file on your PC if a newer version is found. On further ST03A launches the procedure is repeated only if the previous checks have failed (e.g. due to lack of internet connection). ■