Service Terminal (ST03A) V3.4

The revisions described here replace older revisions V3.4.19 and V3.4.20 which are not supported any more.

To avoid the problems with reverted bit field handling of environment parameters of Event History entries it is recommended to use at least V3.4.29 instead of V3.4.28.

Service Terminal V3.4.31 (released on June 14, 2013)
– improvements since ST03A V3.4.29:

  • Minor improvements in communication.

Service Terminal V3.4.29 (released on June 28, 2012)
– major bug fixes since ST03A V3.4.28:

  • At deleting DLG log files: handles the corrupt files on the CF card.
  • At downloading DLG log files: handles such log files on the CF card where the DLG service on the board was not able to save all data (lost data handling).
  • At listing DLG log files: the corrupt log files from CF card are not counted and do not appear in the list.
  • Revert bit field handling of environment parameters of Event History entries.

Service Terminal V3.4.28 (released on June 28, 2012)
– new features since ST03A V3.3.45 :


  • The indicators for communication, communication mode and measurement device are also visible in the measurement windows so even during measurement.

Event Memory

  • Event memory user interface updated with new summary table and new states.
  • When all events of a board are filtered then the board events are not read out at all so the events of other boards can be loaded faster.

Services, Project

  • At changing system mode (between ESRA and DCU) the description of the Services in the Help adjusts to the current system mode.


  • DGH03 channel names in measurement changed to indicate the functionality of the channel.

Features available only with DCU (Door Control Unit) projects

  • Connection using RS232 (serial cable) to DCUs that implement the TCH protocol.
  • Up to 30 channels with a maximum size of 120 bytes can be measured at once from a DCU.
  • I/O Channels and Unit Information of DCUs are available with Default license level if TCH serial connection is used.

Communication (the following features are available only with ESRA projects:)

  • The Measurement and other functions operate simultaneously via Ethernet connection.
  • CANusb support regarding Win7 x64.
  • CAN-AC PCI support regarding Win7 x64.

Event History, RTC, Data Log, Internal Error (the feature is available with both ESRA and DCU projects:)

  • Uses system time from ESRA as it is without any adjustment.

Major bug fixes

  • A new FTDI driver is added to the install CD to be used for Ethernet over USB connection.
  • ESRA only: Corrected signed variable handling in DLG log file.
  • ESRA only: The DLG does not show any older system state in the log when the system was up to date at log creation.

Known problems

Supported languages

  • English, French, Hungarian, German, Polish and Russian


ST03A V3.4.31 installation package
[ZIP, 203.3 MB]
ST03A V3.4.29 installation package
[ZIP, 203.6 MB]
ST03A V3.4.28 installation package
[ZIP, 203.7 MB]
User Guide for versions V3.4 – ESRA
[PDF, 2.1 MB]
User Guide for versions V3.4 – DCU
[PDF, 1.2 MB]
EULA (End-User License Agreement) for ST03A V3.0 to V3.4
[ZIP, 23.9 KB]
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