Service Terminal (ST03A) V2.4.07

Here you can find a quick overview of the new features of Service Terminal V2.4.07 (released on July 16, 2004) over ST03A V2.3.07 .

This version is not supported any more, please use V3 versions instead.

New features

  • When opening a project file (*.prj, *.project, *.prz) the Project Information table is automatically displayed. This behavior can be turned off in the Options menu.
  • Beside the old *.prj and *.project file formats the new compact project file format (*.prz) has been introduced. The new file format consumes less space, stores more information and will be compatible with future ST03A versions. The PRZ file format makes it possible to include background picture and predefined measurement configurations in the project file.
  • Measured analog signals can be spread out over the whole graphic area or moved about one at a time without changing their value. This feature makes it easy to separate overlapping curves for better display. The grid behind the curves can be switched on and off.
  • A warning is shown when an unsaved measurement data is about to be discarded. This feature can be turned off using the Options menu.
  • Access rights are granted via 20 characters long keys instead of .kba files. This simplifies the activation of the granted access level. In addition, no ST03A restart is required after activating a new license key.
  • The version supports multiple access levels. Features belonging to received license keys can be browsed in a tree. Granted access levels can be switched on/off within the tree for evaluation purposes.
  • Firmware name, article number, version and creation date is displayed with OEM access level.
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can install software onto ESRA boards without any restrictions, i.e. having different or no application on the boards.

Known problems

  • See Troubleshooting .
  • To fix the software installation problem install the Service Pack 1 for ST03A V2.4.07:

Service Pack 1 for ST03A V2.4.07

  • The service pack for ST03A V2.4.07 makes the serial communication more robust and contains bugfixes for download and software installation.
    The "SP1" text in the title of ST03A indicates the installed Service Pack 1.

    Installation instructions:
    • Make sure that you have correctly installed ST03A V2.4.07.
    • Make sure that the ST03A V2.4.07 does not run before starting installation of service pack. If yes, quit the application.
    • Download and unpack the Service Pack 1 for ST03A V2.4.07 ( file.
    • Start the ST03ASP1.exe.

Supported languages

  • English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese


ST03A V2.4.07 installation package
[ZIP, 75.3 MB]
Service Pack 1 for ST03A V2.4.07
[ZIP, 186.7 KB]
Measurement patch for ST03A V2.4.07
[ZIP, 3.1 KB]
End-user license agreement (EULA) for ST03A V2.4 to V2.6
[ZIP, 19.6 KB]
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