V2.4.07 troubleshooting

Download always fails via the serial RS-232 connection of the MB04B board

On some computers a timing related problem causes the software installation to fail if ST03A is connected via an RS232 cable to an MB04B board. You can download for free of charge the Service Pack 1 for ST03A V2.4.07 that fixes the software installation problem. ■

Cannot open measurement file - 1

ST03A V2.4.07 may not be able to open a previously saved measurement file (*.xmd) if special SU05A channels were measured together with ESRA variables. A software patch is available here to enable you to restore your saved measurements.

  • Download the Measurement patch for ST03A V2.4.07 (MeasurementConfiguration.zip).
  • Extract the downloaded file to MeasurementConfiguration.xsd. The extracted file should be 42 018 bytes long.
  • Overwrite your existing MeasurementConfiguration.xsd file with the recently downloaded one. The original MeasurementConfiguration.xsd file is usually located in the C:\Program Files\KnorrBremse\ST03A V2.4.07\xml folder of your computer.
  • Start your ST03A V2.4.07 and open the measurement file (*.xmd). ■

Cannot open measurement file - 2

XML based measurement configuration and data files (*.xmc, *.xmd) depend on the language of the user interface of ST03A. This may cause the measurement and/or configuration files to not function properly if the language of the user interface of ST03A is not the same as when the measurement configuration was saved.

The temporary solution is to switch the language of ST03A to the one that was active when the measurement has been saved. The used language can be selected via the Tools / Options... menu item. ■

Application request parameters are not changed / I am not sure if I could set the wheel diameter correctly

Some applications support the current parameter value read back operation while others not. If an application does not support this feature, ST03A will display default request parameter values that come from the project file instead of the current parameter values used in the ESRA system. This leads to a situation where the displayed parameter value (e.g. wheel diameter) differs from the currently used value. This behavior may confuse the user.

The resolution of the problem typically requires both changes in the application software and in the ST03A project file. ■

The saved measurement data file contains corrupt data which are not equal with the original measured data

This problem occurs if the graphic view is changed during file saving process (e.g. by scrolling, zooming, fitting window etc.).

To avoid this problem don't do anything during the saving process, which state is shown by progress bar on the right bottom corner in the main window. ■


Service Pack 1 for ST03A V2.4.07
[ZIP, 186.7 KB]
Measurement patch for ST03A V2.4.07 (MeasurementConfiguration.zip)
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