Service Terminal (ST03A) V3.10.06

Here you can find an overview of the new features of Service Terminal V3.10.06 (released on May 13, 2022) since ST03A V3.10.05 .

Main corrections

  • CB boards with specific FMN IFID cannot clear FMN and internal errors providing error state at the end of software installation and application download. ST03A clears these event areas automatically in this condition resulting in a successful software update process.
  • New command line interface to convert measurement and DLG files to CSV or Famos format.
  • Data Log supports projects with safe CAN configuration.
  • Device drivers were updated: FTDI version, Vector 21.10.2 version, VCI IXXAT 4.0.939.0 version. Please download the corresponding installation packages directly from the websites of device drivers' manufacturers (see the links in the User Guide or under the Help menu of ST03A).
  • Simplified COM port identification for serial connection.
  • The user can register a license only if he accepts KB GDPR privacy policy.
  • Supporting old S3B files without having application information in application import, application download and software installation functions.
  • Corrected own board limitation during data log handling.
  • Corrected missing device drivers at measurement start.
  • Improved conversion of measurement files in older formats.
  • Corrected plot type change handling on the measurement and data log display.
  • Global expression can be used in recursive expressions like the last expression.
  • Expression import in ST03A preserves the selection of the expressions.
  • Measurement synchronization preserves transformation and unit information.
  • Corrected channel type change handling at data log synchronization.
  • Corrected timestamp synchronization of application channels and I/O channels during measurement.
  • User can enter custom SU06A sample rate between 1 and 1000ms.
  • Corrected channel filtering on the Display tab in the measurement and data logging feature.
  • Support of description attribute in project defined IP config list.
  • Corrected display of spikes of data log trigger in min/max mode.
  • Improved mouse-click detection on a train on the measurement display.
  • Added opening standard DLG configuration (XDC) function.
  • Removed ARIALUNI.TTF font. As a result, some special characters may not be printed properly on the chart of the measurement or DLG.
  • Removed Send email option from the Statistical File Download function; it saves the exported information into the file system.
  • ST03A updates retrofit board information via secure channel.
  • Corrected I/O reading in case of DCU serial connection with 115200 baudrate.
  • The STN number of CU01 boards is displayed correctly in the Project Information table.

Supported languages

  • English, French, Hungarian, German, Polish and Russian


ST03A V3.10.06 installation package
[ZIP, 247.6 MB]
User Guide – ESRA
[PDF, 3.5 MB]
User Guide – DCU
[PDF, 2.3 MB]
End-user license agreement (EULA) for ST03A V3.10.06
[ZIP, 39.6 KB]
Service Terminal (ST03A) V3.10