Service Terminal (ST03A) V2.7.34

Here you can find a quick overview of the new features of Service Terminal V2.7.34 (released on December 5, 2008) since ST03A V2.6.14 .

This version is a replacement to V2.7.31 which is not supported any more.


  • German user interface and help content improved.
  • Decreased startup time of ST03A.
  • Multi-language project file support extended with I/O channel name translation possibility.
  • Import expression function is able to import Trigger channels too.
  • Corrected Trigger channel evaluation.
  • Corrected evaluation of Trigger channel dependent CalcIntegral operator.

New features

  • Multiple project file (*.mpz) support.
  • One *.mpz file stores the entire information for all ESRA systems in the train by containing more then one compact project file (*.prz).
  • New measurement function:
    • Importing predefined measurement views from *.xmc and *.xmd files.
    • Expression importing from *.xmd and *.xmc files.
    • Expressions to set the SU06A outputs.
    • More informative measurement printout.
    • Direct textual export of measured data.
    • Comfortable filter file updating mechanism.
  • Displaying CAN bus load.
  • User predefined decisions for Software Installation.
  • Support new Data Log of the CU boards.
  • Support new CB09A board.
  • Displaying log information of the ST03A.
  • Support Vector CANcase XL CAN adapter.
  • Support DGH03 external measurement unit.
  • Importing project specific translation.
  • Project independent event log opening
  • Graphical representation of I/O channels.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista support.

Major bug fixes

  • General improvements in the communication layer.
  • More efficient Software Installation support for remote boards.
  • Comfortable channel filtering in Configuration dialog window.

Known problems

Supported languages

  • English, German, Russian and Hungarian


ST03A V2.7.34 installation package
[ZIP, 100 MB]
End-user license agreement (EULA) for ST03A V2.7.34
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