V2.6.14 troubleshooting

Software Installation cannot find the CU01 board

Service Terminal may not find the CU01 board if your currently opened project contains CB09A board which is missing or not put correctly into the rack.

To avoid this problem, you should build the whole ESRA system according to your project (i.e. put all boards on their places) and start again the Software Installation. ■

The curve of offline measurement evaluated with the CalcInteral(expr., trigger) expression ends too soon

While using the CalcIntegral function with two parameters – expression and trigger – it may happen that the composed expression will be evaluated only till the last occurrence of the trigger. In this case the expression curve will end exactly at the last trigger value, i.e. earlier than the curve of the measured value.

To avoid this problem the trigger channel should be evaluated separately from the channels that use it:

  • Select the channel selection dialog window (Measurement / Configuration).
  • Deselect the channel with the CalcInteral expression.
  • Close the dialog window with OK button.
  • Select the channel selection dialog window (Measurement / Configuration).
  • Select the channel with the CalcInteral expression.
  • Close the dialog window with OK button. ■

The saved measurement data file contains corrupt data which are not equal with the original measured data

This problem occurs if the graphic view is changed during file saving process (e.g. by scrolling, zooming, fitting window etc.).

To avoid this problem do not do anything during the saving process, which state is shown by progress bar on the right bottom corner in the main window. ■

The curve is not displayed after starting the measurement

If the problem cannot be solved by restarting of ST03A, please restart the PC. ■

The measured values do not seem realistic or are cyclically dropped

Some processors change the CPU frequency automatically according to the power management settings of the Windows to save energy. Changing of CPU frequency has bad effect on the timestamp calculation in the measurement. Wrong timestamp calculation causes that some measured values are lost, and the remaining measured values will be displayed with wrong timestamp.

To avoid this problem set the Power schemes in the Power Options Properties window (Start / Settings / Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / Power Options) to "Always On" which will force the CPU to run at the specified frequency. ■

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