V2.7.34 troubleshooting

The measured values do not seem realistic or are cyclically dropped

Some processors change the CPU frequency automatically according to the power management settings of the Windows to save energy. Changing of CPU frequency has bad effect on the timestamp calculation in the measurement. Wrong timestamp calculation causes that some measured values are lost, and the remaining measured values will be displayed with wrong timestamp.

To avoid this problem set the Power schemes in the Power Options Properties window (Start / Settings / Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / Power Options) to "Always On" which will force the CPU to run at it's specified frequency. ■

Installation stops before choosing the installation directory when installed on Turkish OS after showing the "Initialization of Java Virtual Machine" message

To solve this problem set the local setting of the Windows to English before installing the ST03A. After installing the ST03A you can switch to Turkish again. ■

ST03A V2.7.34 description page