Boards in download state

You should read this information only if you use ST03A V2.6.14 or lower version registered with Operator access level.

Several good ESRA boards have been returned to Knorr-Bremse in 2007 because they were in download state (no brake application was available on the boards) and ST03A users with Operator access level could not perform software installation and get the boards running. As Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) access level for ST03A provides the possibility to perform software installation even if the target board is in download state, an upgrade to OEM access level eliminates the problem.

In order to support you better and avoid unnecessary board returns we have decided to allow free upgrade to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) access level of ST03A.

This possibility is available only for ST03A versions under V2.7.34, since V2.7.34 and higher versions do allow software installation to ESRA boards in download state even with Operator access level.

To upgrade from Operator access level to OEM please follow the instructions below:

  • Start your registered ST03A installation that runs with Operator access level.
  • Choose the Tools / Licensing / Request... menu item.
  • Check the appearing request form and ensure that it is filled out correctly. Especially the ID field must be correct. If it is empty, enter the ID from the label on the cover of the official ST03A install CD into this field.
  • Click Save... and save the request into a file with *.kbr extension.
  • Send the license request file to our Hotline .
ST03A V2 versions